How To Tackle and Manage ANXIETY

How To Tackle and Manage ANXIETY

Hi, if you are one of those people who have got a problem of focus, low self-esteem, missing targets, probably fear of failure, negative thoughts, loss of sleep also irritable. Well, psychologists also call this as early sign of anxiety.

I am talking to those people who are facing these problems. A lot of students I meet, I have these kinds of complaints talked about often and they often say that I am not having as much focus as I used to have earlier. I think you should understand, anything that you enter into, be it a relationship, be it your project, or your examination, or anything that you are starting new, there’s some kind of anxiousness. There is some kind of work stress. there is some kind of I would say EXPECTANCY. These are not essentially anxiety or to say. But, then if it is anxiety, it is natural. It’s one of the emotions that we have got. There are some groups of people I imagine those who don’t have anxiety like children who cannot express themselves. Somebody who is hopelessly inebriated. Somebody who is mentally differently-abled and somebody who is dead. You are listening to my video, you don’t qualify for all those people who have got immunity from anxiety. So, I think I should talk to you who is having anxiety or maybe are vulnerable to anxiety shall I tell you one thing, anxiety is like a risk. You cannot have something which is not having a risk. They often say crossing a road is having a risk of life. But, then we always cross so what is important is that you are managing the anxiety, you are not killing the anxiety. You are not something you can possibly say that hey I would NOT have anxiety in my life. It’s not possible. In fact, if I can add it here anxiety in many ways brings the best out of us. Anxiety in many ways helps us stay awake. Anxiety in many ways helps us to stay FOCUSED and do a task better than we would have done if you are not anxious or if you are not a little stressed or to say. So, important thing is that we are not trying to kill anxiety. We are not fighting anxiety, we are managing anxiety. I would like to give you some working tools through which you can possibly use. They have worked in some students I was engaged with that they had this kind of anxiousness or sort of says anxiety or some symptoms of anxiety. I suppose I’d like you to identify the trigger which is responsible for the anxiety that you are having. If you can identify this, usually is very small and then it can easily be sorted. Always remember the big picture. Big picture and then a particular blip that you have got. It doesn’t mean that everything is stopped. In fact, the big picture is always bright and beautiful. But quite often certain trigger that may give you some kind of loss of sleep. But then if you have the big picture clear, well it is one art of the syllabus, it’s one area, it’s one person, it’s one bad day in the whole list of days that you have ahead of you. Doesn’t matter. I would bounce back. ENGAGE the issue. I mean I would not like you to brush that issue under the carpet. Engage it, talk to that. In fact, talking to self, talking to somebody who is really concerned about you. It really helps. You externalize it and sometimes you would laugh. A lot of things which gave you anxiety, if you look back and then locate them, most of them did not actually happen. So, this also which is giving you anxiety at this moment, very high probability it would not happen. But then, one thing I would like to say that imagine WORST CASE SCENARIO, that also helps. If you think that everything goes as you are thinking as the worst to happen. Still, it is not the last of yours on this planet. Still, you have a beautiful life waiting for you. So, never be too worried about something which gives you anxiety. And then I would also say that there are some positives traits like GRATITUDE, APPRECIATION. I mean these are some of those tools through which you can easily tackle anxiety. So, my suggestion is that if there’s anxiety, it has only come because you want to perform better and then I am sure. Let’s welcome anxiety. It should never be something that you would imagine that has kind of come to kill you. No. don’t try to kill anxiety. Welcome it and make it a companion of life. Maybe you can give a seat in your car. Don’t give the wheels of your life’s car. Hold the wheel in your hand, let it be your companion which keeps you awake. You drive safe and reach to your destination. My best wishes are you.                         

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