How To Attempt Diverse Topics Of GS

How To Attempt Diverse Topics Of GS

Hi, today I am going to clarify one problem a lot of you have got. General Studies is comprised of so many different dimensions- it has got geography, it has got history, it has got economics, it has got political science, it has got sociology, so many disciplines have contributed in their own respective way to the word GENERAL STUDIES.

And you also come from absolutely different backgrounds like some of you are B.Tech, some of you are lawyers, some of you are from medicines, some of you are from history, some of you are from economics, some of you are from political science and all kinds of backgrounds that you all come from. So, this is very logical and probable to imagine that some of you would feel that ‘hey, I am not able to do this particular thing. This is not my cup of tea.’ but you can’t say that. You can’t afford that. So, how to really break the ice for an absolutely NEW domain of your knowledge. You are not being comfortable with, in the school days and then that thing is still with you. To break that ice, I like you to follow an exclusive shall we say SIX POINTS STEP. if you find that you are getting stuck somewhere, that you are not able to break the ice. These six steps would definitely help you to understand that. Let’s say, for example, the first thing that you should be doing is, you should learn the KEYWORD that you have there. The keyword that you should understand. A lot of people come back to me with respect to ECONOMICS. I don’t know economics. You don’t have to be an economist. It is the Indian Economy. It is, you don’t have to be a political scientist. It is Indian Polity that has to be there. So, that applies everywhere. So, first LEARN the word, as to what is the meaning of this word and that’s one thing I would like you to be careful about. A little bit of dictionary meaning would help you. Let’s take the example of economics only, some of you are not very clear about what does fiscal means? So, try and learn the meaning of the word fiscal, what does fiscal is all about? The second thing that you should be doing is that you should learn about the CONCEPT of it. What is the concept behind this word? So, that’s techno a little bit deeper into this. Conceptual dimension, like if you can take the same example of fiscal, you can say FISCAL DEFICIT. Fiscal Indiscipline. So that’s the next level that you get to understand. It’s slightly deeper into it. The third thing that I would like to do in this is, try developing INTERCONNECT. It will apply in history also in geography also like you have cyclone and then pressure and temperature. Try developing interconnect, fiscal only like fiscal with a budget monetary policy with what impact would have on the fiscal discipline or fiscal indiscipline or these kinds of things start establishing interconnect and then you are able to interconnect your understanding, that’s better. The fourth step- this is not that you have to apply to the entire discipline with a certain area where you can possibly use this technique in this manner. Fourth in rotation, we are doing is that try seeing that what is the CURRENT CONTEXT about it. And there’s a simple way, type the same word and google ‘news’ that. In the google that you have got the template of news. See wherever this word is being used. And now you will be surprised, you will be smiling that alright I understand this. Why this is happening because I know the word, I know the concept, I know the interconnect, I can appreciate this news. But, mostly what happens, people look at this word in the newspaper and get worried, oh my god what is this, how to go about it? That’s the wrong way. Start this way, you will always reach the right position. The fifth thing that I would like to say is that- that’s most VITAL, explain it to somebody. You would always have somebody who can be ready to understand that word from you. Explain that concept. Explain that idea to that person. Explaining is giving our mind to get into the mode of an EXAMINEE who is reproducing. And then the examinee reproduces from its mind that idea gets cleared in your mind. And the fifth thing and that was subsequently you should look into after explaining to others, the sixth thing I should say is that when you should look into the previous questions as it is, come in that. So, the previous questions would actually establish the TSI understand, these many dimensions of it, this concept this word and I will explain to somebody and I am able to now address this question on this word fiscal. That completes the entire picture. So, this is how I like you to progress and then one thing I should like you to remember- don’T ACCEPT DEFEAT. Don’t say that well I can’t do it, this is not my cup of tea. The moment you say that you are standing in your own way. Ask yourself to just come aside. I have a methodology. I have given you that methodology simple step-wise and then I am sure there’s nothing that you cannot understand. We all are hardwired the same way. If I can understand, you can understand anybody can understand. But when I say that yes I cannot understand, well I can never understand. I don’t want you to be one of those and I have got this tool which is available to you now. I am sure you will be able to understand VERY WELL. My best wishes are with you.                   

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