Give Up To Gain

Give Up To Gain

Hi, today i am going to talk to you about something which may not look very very straight in the beginning but then this is one tool that you can use to achieve what you want in life.

But then I am giving you the reverse process of the whole thing. We quite often make a list of things of what we want in life, what you want to achieve as a career, as my targets of physical positions and relationship,s and what not. We always look towards something and we want to achieve them as our goal or target whatever you call it. But then, the process should not start from listing what I WANT. The process should not start from what I HAVE and make a list of it. For this goal, I have got this this this this this this… but more important what all I would like to GIVE AWAY what all I would like to RECANT REPUDIATE or RENUNCIATE if I am interested in that. So please instead of making a goal of what you want, you make a list of ‘what I am willing to GIVE UP.’for getting a good career: your comfort, your friendship, your all other desires in the other happiness and comforts with other friends are having. If you are making a list of all that you are going to GIVE UP and more the IMPRESSIVE the list of giving up that you have got, you are qualified to get the bigger results. Don’t list what you want, list what you are giving up. And if you are very CLEAR about and then honest about giving up, I am sure you would achieve. The world has been actually KNOWN by the people who have given up. Look at the big achievers and look at the sacrifices they have got. Bigger and impressive is the list of sacrifice, bigger is their accomplishments. I suppose when you have decided upon the target, you should first sit down and make a detailed list of what all price you are going to pay. And if you honestly pay the price there’s nobody who will stop you from getting the target that you have set out for. My best wishes.

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