Fear Of Unpredictibility

Fear Of Unpredictability

Hi, today I would like to talk about a very common issue which a lot of students have been talking all the time and that’s about the UNPREDICATBILITY that they have in the kind of exams that they have in their life.

Well, there is unpredictability alright no doubt about it. But then the ‘Fear Of Unpredictability’ is something which I am really worried about and that should never be the case. The fear of unpredictability is actually killing. In fact, it is something which pulls you back and takes you behind. But then, you have the same fear you can use it very positively. I know some students who are so fearful of failing and so fearful of unpredictability that it started fueling its passion with the fear. You can actually burn your fear and then fuel the PASSION and then see how the result comes out in your hand. That’s an amazing technique that you have got. Whenever you feel fearful, in the night you are losing sleep, get back, and study. And then how amazingly you are becoming different. And if you just stay fearful and everybody around you stay fearful, we just cannot move and there is a very small thin line where you have got this Success waiting for you- just be on that fear of unpredictability.  This is definitely unpredictable. This definitely is fearful But then can I use this fear in a positive manner. There are a lot of people who have actually done and then succeeded in their life and I am sure you can do it. And I think too much of loading to the future also doesn’t make much of a sense. I mean I can’t imagine that you load something to the future, load something to the past and forget the present. I think every single moment that you are preparing in this examination is a beautiful EVOLUTION. Do you think you will ever get a chance again in your life when you will be learning so much in such a short span of time? This is a beautiful life and then we would ensure that we are learning EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of it. And when you are learning every single moment of it, your fear will run away your future worry will run away, your past- whatever memories that you have got run away because you are so concentrated on the present that you have in your hand. Jut enjoy that and let your FEAR go away. If you have got passion is where actually you are burning your fear in. My best wishes are with you.