I am often asked by a lot of students who say that Sir whatever plan I make I fail in that. I want to bring something to your notice. I am not worried when you are failing, I am worried when you stop FAILING.

Because we have to be failing, we have to be failing on a daily basis, we have to be failing on maybe a weekly basis, we have to be FAILING. Because if you are failing you are actually moving ahead. You are actually trying in looking for something what you can possibly still ACHIEVE which is over and beyond whatever you have achieved. Don’t ever think, if you have failed, you have achieved nothing. You achieved MORE than what you would have achieved if you had not failed, failed your target. Keep trying, keep trying and that’s what I always say that. Good is not good enough if you can do better. That’s as simple as that. You should not rely on whatever you have accomplished. And I told you that if you are failing in your targets every single day, every single day, you are pushing to your limits. And that’s one good sign that you should have. In fact, we all have to fail in our life a different number of times. Failing and writing good answers, failing, and meeting our targets. But then the very fact that we are failing, we are actually WORKING. So, never be ashamed of your failures. STOP. take a deep breath, ask yourself why did I fail? What are the things I can do next to stop failing? One objective, one way to look at it- I will reduce my target but is it something which is like matching my ZEST and my ENERGY. If you find that no, I can do better, I can try again and that is when your best starts coming out. You should keep TRYING till you FAIL the FAILURE. In fact, I would like to say that your success is nothing but the failure unmasked. You should keep trying till you have actually failed the failure. And you all have the potential to do it. And I think nobody would remember your failures including you. You will also forget your failures. The world will celebrate your success one day. Thank you.

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