Don't Stop - Keep Moving, During Covid-19 Lockdown

Don't Stop - Keep Moving, During Covid-19 Lockdown

Hi, I am recording this message for all of you at a different stage of your preparation from my home and in the middle of the lockdown. I get a lot of messages from you and then you are at different stages of your preparation.

Some of you are preparing for this year PTE, also some of you are giving next year. Some of you have given your interview and not sure about when the results would come. Some of you have got your interview postponed and then you are unclear as to when you will be called again for the interview. You all are in different stages and then all of you have lots of doubts in your mind. I think about the situation, of course, I did not have experience of this kind of such magnitude, but then, one thing is very clear that this is not a dead-end. Just a bit foggy. And when you are driving in the fog your basic instinct is that- Stay Safe, Keep Moving, Don’t Stop. You may be moving slow, but you have to be moving and that’s something which I basically want you to do. A lot of you also tell me that there’s so much negativity around, there’s so much difficulty like we do not know as to when the exams would be conducted or extended, all kinds of rumors are there. And you are not very sure as some of you have left your books in some city and moved to a different city. You don’t have all the access to all the information. Some of you are not having GOOD NETWORK connectivity. Some of you are not having a competitive course or have not revised, and all the time all the news that you get is disturbing. I like you to write down all the problems that you are facing at the moment and then ask yourself, “is it only happening with you or happening with anybody or everybody with whom you are competing. It is happening with everybody. Well, why should you worry then? Any problem which is a common problem is not a problem. That is something that has to be brought in mind. If it is an issue which is affecting others also, you definitely, I am assuming that you must be proud of your own self. You must be much stronger than anybody else to deal with the situation. And I am sure you would definitely remember that you are stronger than anybody else to deal with this situation. Actually, I always believe that between the two ears you have a big Chemical Factory and it produces a lot of compounds on your command. If you give a positive command it will definitely churn out beautiful compounds and that will motivate you. But if you give negative commands, this factory that you have got or the multi-faculty that you have got produces negative commands. So, there’s no reason that you should not be giving a correct command. At this time, when you need it the most, I can promise that we, at KSG, we are more than ever committed and dedicated to our target and we have been working very hard. We have released a booklet of 10,000 PTE questions. We are working on our connect, that is our CURRENT CONNECT is available. We have lectures that some of you may have missed, we are trying to upload them and given direct links to you. Faculty members are working very hard and I must tell you when you are in a phase like this, you should try to ensure that you change your mental gear and that’’s all I mean I like to say simple words. You never stop if you change the gear at the right time. And that’s one stage that you have to just change your mental gear. Give positive command to your brain and then produce beautiful compounds that keep you motivated. And this is not something that somebody will inject from outside. It has to be produced inside and I am sure you all in your best of your STATE OF MIND, best of physical state, you definitely would be able to do it. Also, the entire team of KSG, they are so motivated and then eager to work, you would definitely find, this would come very handy at this stage when you need us around we are definitely there. I would like you to use this time to find your BETTER VERSION of yourself. Identify that how you can do things better. How you can really keep yourself oriented to the target. I would like to mention in particular that, you may have had very many individual hard times. We all have in one way or the other we have definitely overcome those hard times. That was individual hard times. This country has got or thee whole world I would say or the humanity I should say has got a common problem. If you can individually handle problems, why can’t we collectively handle? And so proud to be living at a time when we have got the entire country is motivated and working towards the common goal of eradicating this problem. Our country is working VERY HARD and is performing so well. I am sure and VERY positive that this is just a temporary phase. Just a small patch of fog that we have to drive through and I am definite that we would be out of this fog patch and then we will have a clear goal ahead for serving this nation.  My best wishes are with you. Stay motivated. Stay positive. Focus on yourself and then come out a better version once this lockdown gets over and serve the nation as you have chosen this path to. My best wishes are with you. All the best.                    

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