Beware of Excuses

Beware of Excuses

Hi, today I am going to talk about some students who after getting a bad result come to me and say that, they had this reason and then that’s why they could not make it. They had problem with their health.

They had problem with the change in trend in the examination and they have a long list of excuses actually. In fact, this is one thing which does not happen only after the result. It happens every single day of your preparation. It happens probably every single hour of your preparation. Excuses are always there. You don’t have to work really hard to find them excuses are actually the justification of INACTION. If you do not want to work there will be one hundred reasons available to help you not working. They help you in action. In this video, I will tell you that please be aware of these excuses. These excuses are very-very dangerous and then somehow it becomes a habit. They get internalized and they stop us from taking action. In fact, you never need to work hard to find a reason if I am not working hard enough. You always have those excuses and these are like external. So many things like your friends can be an excuse, your relatives can be an excuse, your weather can be an excuse, your financial conditions, your kind of support system of books. Even the nature of teacher or whether or whatever you call it can be an excuse. The only thing which can fight each one of them is YOU your internal makeup and that has to be understood. And it somehow sneaks into your life as a habit. You have to be very CAREFUL of this. Don’t let the excuse become your habit. If it gets habit, you don’t even realise and then it stops you almost everytime from making actions. In fact, you never fail. I mean it iis not the final failure of BIG EXAM I am talking about. You never fail in accomplishing your targets on a daily basis unless you have found an excuse. If you don’t entertain thge excuse, the excuses would turn to somebody else. Don’t enteratin those excuses for inaction and then don’t let them become your habit. You have never seen those people who acccomplish, they talk about excuses. Well, you can also talk about excuses after an accomplishment. You have the whole life to talk about them. But till you have not got the target that you wanted to achieve in your life, don’t enteratin any excuse. I think I always feel that excuse and success, they are two sides of the coin. You have an option to look from only one side. If you are looking from the side of excuse, forget about SUCCESS. If you are looking at the success side, there is no excuse that exists for you. They, however travel together but you cannot see both of them together. It is important that you keep in mind. Be a WINNER. Never look for EXCUSES. Excuses are there for losers. You are not one of them. Look at the success.. Look at the drive within and I am sure the success will be yours. My best wishes are with you.                   

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