A Few Tools To improve Focus

A Few Tools To improve Focus

Today, I am going to talk to you about a common problem which students come to me saying that I am not having my good focus. These days focus is not very sharp and I am not able to concentrate.

So, let us try and see as to how we can increase our focus. In fact, for increasing your focus you could possibly think of quite a few tools which I have seen students who have got a sharper focus. They have been employing engaging. One of the tools that they do is that they manage the noise, manage the distractions. It can be your mobile phone, it can be your TEXTPECTATION as they call it these days. Expecting the texts all the time. Looking at your mobile phone and looking at your email pop-ups and whatnot. But then this is an external thing I must tell you that this is also internally there. It’s inside also. Lots of noise that we have got. You have to basically manage those NOISE, manage all those distractions. A lot of time your mind travels to a particular thing but again you bring back it again goes. Then, in that case, I don’t think you should really struggle fighting too much with your mind. Little mind go there and give it a time that you think about that issue for the next ten minutes. After ten minutes I want you back. And that’s the way you can get it back. You can reduce the clutter you can reduce the noise. And these all kinds of distractions can be managed.  Another tool through which you can increase the focus is, ENLARGE the size of your goal. I mean you cannot Eclipse Sun if you have got something that you are driven towards and if you have committed concentration towards that.  Why not you would think of that being the only thing in your life. Of course, there was a fish, but Arjun had enlarged his goal so much that he could not see anything but the eye. I suppose this is one tool I have seen a lot of students making good use of it and getting benefitted. If you have enlarged the size of your goal if you think that this is the exam that I have to clear. If you increase the size, nothing would eclipse. You cannot eclipse the Sun. Light would come from one way or other. From one direction or another. It would reach you. So, enlarge the goal, that could be another tool of it. Another slightly contradictory to this is that you start seeing through the issues like your friend who come to you and then they distract sometimes. You have got an issue that comes. Just see through that issue so that your goal remains the ONLY focus nothing else. Of course, if you start seeing through your friends who become very unpopular. Yes, that’s alright. If your friends understand you well and you are seeing through them and not acknowledging their presence. After some time, you become unpopular no problem but when your result comes, they will all come back. So, that’s what I basically, see through the issues, see through the individuals, see through the problems and that’s one more tool through which you can possibly improve. Meditation is also a very beautiful time-tested Indian Methodology of Improving our FOCUS and CONCENTRATION. Try meditation. I was also told by some students that sleeping is also a kind of meditation. SLEEP because you see that when you get up your concentration level is better. So that could be another tool through which you can increase your focus. But, don’t think that this focus is a one-time fix. Like you set your focus and then nothing distorts. No. you have to on a regular basis learn the skill of focusing and refocusing. You have to be focusing on a regular basis and certain tools that I mentioned to you just now- managing the noise, enlarging the scope of the goal, seeing through the issues, seeing through the individual, meditation, they all help you and you can use them interchangeably. And I am sure when you are very CLEAR  about your goal who is going to stop you? Nobody. My best wishes are with you.                   

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