Best Economics Optional Books for UPSC Mains

 Best Economics Optional Books for UPSC Mains

The UPSC civil services examination includes a large portion of the Indian economy and economics.

 Best Economics Optional Books for UPSC Mains

The UPSC civil services examination includes a large portion of the Indian economy and economics. It is an important subject for the UPSC IAS Exam. There are numerous economics books available on the market. However, it is critical to obtain the most recommended economics books for the IAS mains examination.

When compared to other optional disciplines, economics is regarded as a difficult option. If the applicant is an economics graduate, all you need to do is go through the principles and theories initially.

Following that, aspirants must focus on current affairs and provide a last polish in accordance with the UPSC Syllabus.

The UPSC Economics optional course is extensive. Degree-level comprehension is required for aspirants. Paper- I of Economics is a technical optional paper. Without sufficient preparation, aspirants from diverse backgrounds may struggle with Paper I. This optional subject is extremely lively.

Here is the complete book list for the Economics optional course. This will help you prepare for the UPSC Mains.

UPSC Economics Books- Economics Optional Paper I & II Study Material

The following books are recommended for UPSC Economics Optional:

  • Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh
  • The Indian Economy – Sanjiv Verma
  • Indian Economy – Mishra and Puri
  • Indian Economy – R. Dutt and KPM Sundaram
  • Banking – S.B. Gupta
  • Dictionary of Economics – Graham Bannock; T.E. Baxter, Ray Rees
  • Economic Growth and Development—Mayer and Baldwin
  • Economic Survey: Twelve Five Year Plan: New Industrial Policy – Government of India
  • Economics – Paul A. Samuelson
  • Economics Choice – Koutsweanik
  • Growth and Development – M L Jhingan
  • International Economics – Bo Soderston
  • International Economics – H.G. Mannur or Salvatore
  • International Trade – Bo Soderston
  • MacroEconomic Analysis – Edward Shapiro
  • Modern Banking – R.S. Sayers
  • Monetary Theory and Public Policy – Kenneth Kurihara
  • Money Supply in India: Concepts, Compilation and Analysis: Functions and Working – Reserve Bank of India
  • National Income Accounting – Neethu
  • Outline of Monetary Economics – A.C.I. Day
  • Public Finance – H.L. Bhatia
  • Public Finance – K.K. Andley and Sundharam
  • The Economic Times
  • Economical and Political Weekly

What are the best economics books to choose for UPSC exam preparation?

The following rules must be strictly followed if you want to choose the best  economics books for your UPSC exam preparation:

  • By doing some research: You can quickly find the best books by doing online research. If you proceed in this manner, you will possess the best economics book.
  • Obtain suggestions for the top economics books from someone: The best books will be suggested if the user has a good understanding of the subject.
  • Consult mentors and professors for advice: If you have mentors or instructors who are knowledgeable about economics, you can ask them for suggestions on the best books on the subject.

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