About KSG as an IAS institution

About KSG as an IAS institution

With an unmatched reputation as the top coaching facility for the Civil Services Examination, particularly the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), the Khan Study Group (KSG) Institute is a veritable bastion of knowledge.

Dr Khan, a renowned educationist and visionary, founded it in 2008, intending to offer top-notch coaching to students from all over India. Due to its outstanding track record of producing successful candidates, KSG Institute has since become well-known among IAS aspirants.

The institute is in a state-of-the-art building with top-notch infrastructure and all the contemporary conveniences needed for an efficient educational experience. The air-conditioned, roomy classrooms offer a relaxing, favourable environment for learning. Students can stay current on the most recent developments in their field of study due to the institute's well-stocked library, regularly updated with the most recent books and study materials.

The faculty at the KSG Institute is very knowledgeable and skilled, but they also love to teach and are dedicated to giving each student their attention. The faculties are chosen after a thorough screening process, and they regularly receive training to stay current with advancements in their fields of study. They bring knowledge and experience to the classroom and are authorities in their fields.

With a focus on the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), the Khan Study Group (KSG) Institute has an exceptional track record of producing successful candidates for the Civil Services Examination. The institute's outcomes speak volumes about its abilities and success in preparing students for the IAS exam.

Numerous successful candidates who became IAS officers came from the KSG Institute. The institute consistently has a high success rate, with a significant portion of its students passing the Civil Services Examination each year. KSG Institute has contributed to producing a significant number of IAS officers from various backgrounds, including rural and economically underdeveloped areas. 

Power Of Classroom Courses:

All India 3 times Highest GS Score in 5 Years. Srushti Jayant Deshmukh (Rank 5 UPSC CSE 2018-19), Tina Dabi (Rank 1 UPSC CSE 2015-16) and Rachit Raj (Rank 3 UPSC CSE 2013-14) topped the nation with the HIGHEST GENERAL STUDIES Marks in UPSC Civil Services Examination.

KSG Results:

  • Shruti Sharma AIR 1 UPSC Civil Services Exam 2021 is from KSG
  • All TOP 5 Successful Candidates of the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2020 are from KSG
  • All TOP 8 Successful Candidates of the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2019 are from KSG
  • All TOP 10 Successful Candidates of the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2018 Are From KSG
  • Every 2nd Selected Candidate of the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2017, including ANU KUMARI (AIR 2) & SACHIN GUPTA (AIR 3), is from KSG.
  • Every 3rd Selected Candidate of the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2016 was from KSG.
  • Also, KSG gave more than 100 TOP IAS Candidates in 2015-16, including Tina Dabi (AIR 1) & Athar Aamir (AIR 2)

The KSG Institute stands out from other coaching institutes thanks to its innovative and distinctive methodology. The institute employs a thorough and organized methodology to cover the entire syllabus. The teaching methodology includes regular classroom lectures, interactive sessions, and demanding mock exams to improve the aspirant's analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities. 

Students are given thorough, painstakingly crafted study materials from the institute that cover every topic on the syllabus. Both the fundamental and more complex aspects of the syllabus are covered in the study material, which qualified experts to create. 

To ensure that students are always aware of the most recent information, it is frequently updated to reflect any changes to the syllabus or examination format.

KSG Institute places much emphasis on the overall personality development of its students. To help students develop their communication skills and a self-assured personality, the institute regularly holds group discussions, debates, and mock interviews. Additionally, the institute offers counselling and guidance to the students, assisting them in overcoming any psychological obstacles they may experience while preparing.


  • The student is our priority.
  • Queries are solved regularly on a priority basis.
  • Regular tests for preliminary preparation are conducted along with answer writing practice.
  • Special guidance for skill writing for mains.
  • Admission will be made on a first-come, first served.

To meet the needs and preferences of applicants, the institute provides various programs and courses. The institute meets the needs of students nationwide by providing in-person and online coaching programs. To aid students in preparing for the various components of the Civil Services Examination, the institute also provides crash courses, test series, and interview guidance programs.

Additionally, the KSG Institute has a sizable alumni network that current students can tap into for assistance. Successful IAS officers who have previously served make up the alumni network and are always willing to offer advice and support to the current group of students. Regular workshops and seminars are also held at the institute, where successful applicants share their knowledge and wisdom with incoming students.

Knowledge, Strategy, and Guidance, the institute's motto, captures its ethos and philosophy, which has allowed it to produce many successful IAS candidates over the years. The institute's dedication to giving prospective students a thorough and well-rounded education is unmatched, and its track record of producing qualified candidates speaks volumes about its standing.

With its dedication to offering top-notch coaching and comprehensive education to its aspirants, the KSG Institute is a shining example of educational excellence. The institute has top-notch faculty, infrastructure, and methodology, and it is unmatched in its commitment to turning out successful IAS candidates. The KSG Institute has significantly influenced our future and is a true leader in education.

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