KSG - Khan Study Group is a renowned institute for the preparation of UPSC and IAS exams. Out of many available, KSG stands out for its best team of mentors and result oriented approach for the preparation of UPSC exams.

Dr. Khan, the director himself, is an accomplished educationist and has taught at the Delhi’s premier institutions for years. Any IAS student can easily find him on YouTube and on the official website of KSG i.e. http://www.ksgindia.com.

KSG provides a mock interview free for all the IAS students. Dr. Khan’s videos on YouTube are very effective for motivating and gaining some pro tips to crack the IAS interview. Based on the qualities of KSG below, you can conclude how good KSG is for a mock interview as compared to the other such institutions.

Keep Senior Bureaucrats in the Interview Panel

KSG is upvoted for mock interviews and is considered the best by many UPSC students. At KSG, they include senior Bureaucrats in their interview panel for best feedback, suggestions and guidance. They teach the students the basic idea about the interview as well as prepare them for the final interview.

Mock Interview is Free!

KSG charges nothing for mock interviews. It’s absolutely free. Registering for the mock interview is even simple. Students just have to register themselves for free on the official website of KSG. At KSG, they prefer quality and achievements above money.

It’s Simple & Helpful

A single interview at KSG is so effective that students don’t need to go for any other mock interview. It’s effective and helpful. KSG focus on the overall personality development of its students rather than just organizing a Q & A session. Students who have cleared their interviews and those who are still preparing for the one said that KSG is simply a better option than anything else.

Stress Reducing

Mock interviews at KSG are very stress relieving. It’s quite natural that students preparing for the IAS interview are very nervous due to the hype created of course. But faculty and mock interview at KSG takes away all your stress and tension. KSG’s mock interview questions and interactive sessions are so designed that students find them as a confidence booster rather than just a practice of answering questions.

Focus on The Areas of Improvement

KSG always take the UPSC exams as a means and not an end. They focus on the key areas of improvement and let the students know where they are lacking behind. KSG does follow that no one is perfect, but every student has the potential to become perfect.

Wrap Up

KSG is undoubtedly the best institute for the complete preparation of IAS, right from the beginning till the end. Mock interviews offered by KSG are appreciated by all the students and the success ratio justifies the fact further. As of now, KSG classes are available in all the major cities of India and are expected to open many more centers to help the students in the near future.