TOP IAS Interview questions asked by UPSC Panel

IAS interview is the last part of the whole IAS examination journey.  This decides whether you are going to get the job or not. No matter how well you have scored in preliminary or mains examination, this is a whole new episode, and you have to prove your potential here to achieve the goal of becoming an IAS officer.

UPSC interview is one of the toughest interviews of all the time. The UPSC interview consists of 275 marks and here the members of the UPSC boards mainly aim at your personality. They ask different questions from different topics to test your mental alertness, clarity of mind, the capability of Logical thinking, ability to lead, the balance of judgement, intellects, moral senses, etc.

The two most crucial parts of an IAS interview INCLUDE:

  • Your personality
  • Your content

For the proper personality building apt for the interview, you should concentrate way before the interview because it takes time. If you consider seeing it in a more theoretical way, you would find out that there are four pillars of personality.

The name of the pillars

The meaning and role of it

The individual trait

This is one very important component of your personality trait. Right from your value system, your ability to celebrate the kind of inheritance that you have got, your upbringing, your sensitivity towards the societal issues or the moral values including empathy and sympathy.

The sense of perspective

Quite often when we are talking to people on an occasion like this, we tend to lose a sense of perspective. For instance, if they say you are the prime minister of India, what you would do? You suddenly start thinking that I am the real prime minister of India and I am doing plenty of stuff that is the district collector is supposed to do. So, that's not done. Do not lose the sense of perspective.

Your information base

I do not say that this is an entire component of personality but definitely, it is an important component of personality. And, I would give a thumb up for your knowledge base because you have been called for the interview for the very fact that you have got information enough that they can make you the topper of the country.

Skill of presentation

A lot of time you know, you have values, you have got a sense of perspective, but you are not able to externalize that. But, it is very important you work on the fourth component called skill of expression or conveying. It is something to practice regularly.

Now, here we will be discussing the types of IAS question asked in the interview to get you a clear idea about the personality test.

IAS interview questions:

The intro:

This is the most basic thing asked in every interview and not only in the IAS interview. Give a very brief and concise description regarding yourself, your family background, personal information, academic qualifications and do mention if there is any professional engagement. Do not drag out the intro with unnecessary blabbering and do not put irrelevant information that is not mentioned in the resume.

What is your motive for becoming an IAS officer?

This is one of the standard questions being asked in the interview. The motive of asking this IAS question is to know about your clarity of thought for becoming an IAS officer. Though it seems to be a very common question, this need to be prepared well because your answer regarding this question will enlighten the panel of judges about your passion, interests, motivation that drove you up to be in the administrative job like civil services.

The positive and negative strength:

Not only the vast knowledge or mental alertness but also honesty and integrity are a very crucial factor in this job. This is a general IAS question being asked in the interview of civil services. Always keep in mind that the judges of the UPSC boards are eminent personalities from different fields. They impose vast experiences and knowledge. So, do not try to cheat on them by telling inappropriate things about yourself. They will figure out the truth about you by crossing you. Prepare your positive and negative sides and convey them with explanations and examples.

The above-mentioned questions are the basic IAS question expected to be asked during the interview. But except these, more questions are asked to measure your sense of humor or logical ability. These are mostly the quirky ones and here is a slight overview of them to get an idea about what types of questions are expected to be asked in the IAS interview.

How can you drop an egg on a concrete floor without breaking it?

The answer should be a concrete floor is so hard that it cannot be damaged by hitting with an egg. You can see the witty part of the answer, right?

What are you supposed to do if I flee away with your sister?

Be very careful while answering this. In this question, they are trying to find out your sense of humor as well as your potentiality to acquire positivity from a very negative situation. I suggest you answer this in this way: "I am going to be very happy, as I suppose there wouldn't be an any better match for her."

What happened when a human being invented the wheel?

It was asked in an interview and the candidate who got selected answered it in a little different way. He didn't go for any extra explanation. He simply said that ‘it caused a revolution'. You can see how a simple word can be so much impactful when used in the right way. And besides that, it was a little quirky answer because the wheel is supposed to ‘revolve'. And you can sense the uncanny resemblance of this word with ‘revolution’.

What if you find out that you are pregnant in one fine morning?

It was asked to a female candidate and it was asked to taste how she is going to react in a shocking situation. She answered that ‘i would be very happy and I would celebrate it with my husband'.