Well Begun - Half Done

Well Begun - Half Done

Well, I am going to talk about here today with you with an interesting idea where we have our INDIAN philosophy of WELL BEGUN IS HALF DONE which means since you have begun, you better not work towards it and you sleep and then the remaining half you can do whenever you want.

Actually, it is very simple. Quite often I tell people it is not done until it is done. It’s not that you begin and you think that half is done and only half is remaining. If you are trying to jump in a big area and you just miss out by a few inches, you why you aren’t running. So, it is like VERY IMPORTANT that I would say that if you are required to jump this much you focus here and that is what is important. In fact, I would like to tell you that STARTING is so easy. You can ask your kid brother or kid sister and they will be very easy and very happy to say that yes yes, yes, let’s start and then they have as easy to start.

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