Tips to Prepare For An IAS Interview

Valuable Tips to Prepare For An IAS Interview

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) is the prestigious field, which many aspirants dream for. Every year, a huge number of applicants struggle to acquire a good rank but not all can do that. Some fail in prelims while some find it difficult to succeed in the Mains exam but the situation seems more painful when an aspirant fails during the Interview. After clearing two crucial stages, candidates often go through the mixed feelings of joy and fear; the joy of success and fear of final round, well said as Interview. For all those, who want to ensure their triumph, here are some valuable IAS interview tips. Have a look!

Personality Development

IAS interview is not all about testing a person’s academic and general knowledge, instead deals with a personality test. Interviewers, with this, focus on your qualities that fit this highly renowned position. Hence, while preparing for an interview, personality development is the foremost thing to go through. Start working upon yourself from the day before you apply for the post. Follow the best UPSC interview tips and work upon your personality development accordingly. Your gesture, posture and even the eye moments are noticed during the interview. So look confident and impressive. Showcase a positive identity of yours in front of the panel.

Sharp Mental Alertness

Another important tip that needs to be focused on is mental alertness. For such a responsible position, obviously, the board members will look for a candidate who is alert and active. They test the presence of the mind of aspirants and appreciate those who are really smart and active. Prepare yourself for their unexpected yet interesting questions. Be alert with the situations around you and bring an attentive image in front of them. They just observe how attentive you are and how efficiently you can handle unexpected situations.

Listening Skills

Develop a good and active listening skill in you. Due to poor listening habits, candidates often give irrelevant answers to the interviewers, reducing their chance of selection. Hence, it is a must to work upon it while preparing for the exam. Be attentive in your classrooms, take some mock tests and follow reliable IAS interview tips and blend the habit of listening even in your personal life as well. Neither gets tensed nor excited, rather listen to them actively and respond accordingly.

Social Behavior

To being the part of administrative services, developing good social behaviour is a crucial matter of concern. This is not what you can learn only from books. You need to cultivate this behaviour by observing some successful people in this field. Read about them and meet such identities who belong to this high level of possession. Board members definitely check the social etiquette of the candidate and evaluate his/her performance accordingly. Thus, to score good points, don’t overlook this important UPSC interview tip.

Logical Thinking Ability

While preparing for Administrative Services, keep your mind open for all sorts of knowledge, be it academic or logical. Yes, as an IAS officer, you might have to deal with various complex situations and hence it is compulsorily required to let your mind think in all aspects. Interviewers test how you solve their critical problems quickly and smartly. To make your points in the interview, strengthen your logical thinking ability during the time of preparation. It is a perfect way to impress the panel and score well.

Knowledge of Current Affairs

 Keeping yourself isolated from all and focusing only on academic preparation will definitely not take you to the place you want. Government service exams strictly emphasize on general knowledge, current affairs, and present-day socio-political scenario. Hence, update yourself with all the necessary recent happenings that are taking place around. Keeping the knowledge of current affairs is essential for all the stages of the UPSC exam, be it prelims, mains or interview. Develop the habit of reading magazines, newspapers, watching or listening to news and ensure your high scores.

Intelligent Conversation

Take care of the way you respond, the way you talk and the way you say sorry when you don’t know any answer asked by the interviewer. Purposive and decent conversation practice is a must to follow in an interview. While preparing for an IAS interview, keep in mind how to make yourself a perfect package that fits for this dignified post. Check the videos and IAS interview tips provided by reliable websites and coaching institutes like KSG and practice accordingly. Join the mock test series offered by them and prove yourself the right candidate in the interview.

Honest Replies

Be honest with what you are saying in front of the board members. The people who sit as the interviewers hold the years of experience and can easily judge what truth is and what is fake. Hence rather than making a useless false story, it’s better to stay with honest answers. Being honest with your answers increases the chance of impressing the panel and hence the chance of selection.

Wrap Up

These are some easy yet valuable UPSC interview tips that should be followed to showcase a positive image in front of the interviewers and enhance the chance to get selected for this prestigious post.