Do’s and Don’ts for IAS interview

What Not To Do in UPSC Civil Services Interview

UPSC Civil services examination is once again here and soon the interview dates will be released. Those who have given the UPSC CSE main exam this year are eagerly waiting for the interview call. We heartily wish good luck to all those candidates. 

To get lucky in this one of the toughest exams in India, it would be wise if you consider some Do’s and Don’ts for IAS interview. On this write up, you find some tips to crack the IAS interview along with cautions that you should take care of while you are in the process. Hopefully, this would help you a lot.

What is UPSC Interview?

Before you jump onto know the Do’s and Don’ts for IAS interview, don’t miss this section where you get to know the actual meaning and purpose of UPSC and IAS interview. 

You must know that the UPSC examination is held in 3 stages. The first one is the prelims and then the main examination. Those who have successfully cleared the main exam would be eligible for appearing in the third round which is Interview. 

Marks obtained in Mains and in the interview are together considered for the selection. Those who obtain the top ranks will be given IAS, IPS, IFS or any other service depending on their preference. In any UPSC interview, the overall personality of the candidate is tested. The panel responsible for taking an interview judges a candidate on the basis of the following parameters.

Skills & Abilities Tested in UPSC Interview 

  • Argument and discussion ability
  • The clarity in expressing his perspective.
  • Reasoning skills.
  • Narrative ability
  • General awareness
  • Ability to deal with socio-economic issues.
  • Check the purpose of joining civil services.
  • Communication and interaction skills.
  • Leadership skills
  • Presence of Mind
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Level of intelligence

Don’ts For IAS Interview

Apart from knowing what to do in the IAS interview, it is also very important to know what not to do in the IAS interview. Internet is flooding with blogs and articles on Do’s and Don’ts for IAS interview. Well, there is no harm in reading them all (if you really have time). Everywhere else, you will find tips for cracking the IAS interview; here you will find a short and useful compilation of all the major things that you should avoid doing in the IAS interview.

Don’t Wait For The Mains Results

You should immediately start an interview preparation without waiting for the results of the Mains exam. You should be optimistic and think positive that you will for sure clear the mains exam. Start preparing for the personality test. You may also join classes for working on your personality grooming.

Don’t Speak Lie

Whether it is life or IAS interview, speaking lie will lead you nowhere. As you know “Honesty is the best policy’, the same rule applies for cracking the IAS interview as well. Never lie while you are answering any question, be it a technical or personal. Always speak the truth. There are chances that you may have to justify your answers. So, be truthful.

Don’t Be Nervous

Getting nervous is obvious when you are going to face the high profile panel of experts. To do away with the nervousness, you should develop a trust in yourself. If you are well-prepared, there should be nothing to worry about. You may read the probable and obvious questions that have been previously asked in the IAS interview. This will help you build self-confidence. 

It would not be a bad idea to watch some motivational and confidence booster videos on YouTube. You can try doing some breathing exercises to calm down yourself. Always remember that no one is perfect. So, if you don’t know the answer to any question, it is completely alright. Keep reminding yourself to stay positive.

Don’t Cease Reading Newspapers

Current affairs knowledge is very useful in building an impressive image of yours on the panel taking the interview. Usually, it is observed that candidates go on the ‘Relax Mode’ once they wrote their mains exam. But that should not be the right thing. You should keep reading newspapers, magazines, watching the news, videos, and other such stuff to keep up-to-date with the happenings around the world.

Don’t Rush On

This is a very important point in this list of Do’s and Don’ts for IAS interviews because it is generally observed that candidates rush to answer the questions asked. It’s a common etiquette that you should listen carefully and let them complete their statements. This is also equally applicable in the IAS interview. Let them finish their question and ask again if you are not clear. When you rush to answer the question, it reveals that you are not confident and have only half knowledge.

Don’t Take The Discussion to Argument Mode

Discussion is very common in the IAS interview. They always want you to speak on the current event and discuss your perspective to check your leadership and intellectual skills. Discussion is fine but the argument may take you down. Don’t indulge in arguments. Don’t stick to your perspective trying to prove it right. Remember it is an interview, not a group discussion.

Don’t Speak in Disrespectful Tone

Be kind and speak softly. It might be possible that the panel intentionally tries to provoke you to test your patience level. In such a situation, you can make it by keeping yourself calm and cool. Don’t make use of words that show your disrespect to the panel.

Don’t Lean

How do you sit? Your gesture and posture are very important. Sit straight in an attentive position and avoid leaning. Sit upright and give expressions that show you are listening to them carefully. This gives a positive impression of yours on the panel. Although this seems small but its impact is big and that’s why it is added in this list of Do’s and Don’ts for IAS interview.