The Three Finger Salute for Rebooting Life from Whirlpool Of Negativity

The Three Finger Salute for Rebooting Life from Whirlpool Of Negativity

Hi, today I am going to tell you about some issues with a lot of people especially in their youth they get sucked into. They get trapped into ‘Whirlpool of Negativity’ shall I call it and keep getting sucked deeper and deeper and deeper.

And then a lot of them come to me asking, “Dr. Khan do you have something for me to come out from this Whirlpool”? “I think it is a system which is not operating.” Well, I think I am going to tell you the technique of a THREE FINGER SALUTE. Three finger salute is that quite often when you do not know what is going wrong with you and when it is not working. You use it for your computers. I am sure you know CONTROL ALT DELETE. These three things that actually help you get sucked into some problems and especially the problems that you can’t really figure out as to where it starts from where it ends. I will tell you those three-finger salutes that you can give to yourself.
One- Control. Control is, control your emotions. And most of the time you find that the control is outside. But, I would always believe in the fact that control is INSIDE. Control is WITHIN. Only thing is that when you let your life be controlled by somebody else, well, that can possibly suck you. But when you have got control which is inside and you hold it, I suppose you can never be sucked into a whirlpool of negativity. The second is Alternative, ALT. You have got a lot of alternatives available, just only thing is that don’t get glued to something, don't get stuck to something. Move your eyes, you will find alternatives. Well, if you can’t find, move your neck, probably you will find. If you still can’t find it, God has given you legs, just move on. Move on, you have alternatives. Life is beautiful and you are at such a stage of your life when you are young, alternatives are in plenty. I am sure. Just use your legs, move on from there. You would definitely have a lot of alternatives waiting for you. And the third thing is of course DELETE. Delete is one command where God probably thinks that we haven’t been given. Well, of course, we can’t have memories deleted. But, definitely, you are not the reader of your book called life. You are the author of your life. You can always delete anything you want. This is very powerful. I think if you can, really want to have control of your life, don’t get sucked into the whirlpool of negativity. Use the THREE FINGER SALUTES and I am sure you are on your path to ACCOMPLISHMENT. My best wishes are with you. Thank you.        

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