Stay Away From The NAYSAYERS

Stay Away From The NAYSAYERS

Quite often I come across students who keep telling me that I have got a lot of people around me who would always say that I can’t do it well.

I mean it’s quite possible but only thing is that are you only going to use them as your ideals to follow them and then make them actually true that they said that you would not pass and then they came true? Or you have a second option, you listen to your inner voice and actually not giving any attention to these NAYSAYERS. The world is full of naysayers. I would like to remind and often it is quoted Nelson Mandela said, “everything was impossible until somebody did it.” I am sure you know about that and that’s actually true. You think about… it is a very powerful line that I always use whenever I think that you should be using for yourself. That says, “nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” If an idea is born inside, fuel your idea with the energy that you have got at disposal and then try and achieve by not listening to the naysayers because these all naysayers are basically the ones who have had failures seen in their lives, experienced failures by themselves. They would not be expected to be given something which is like positive and happy. It is our fault if we expect them to be actually giving like a boost. They would all come back to you, promise after your result comes. But then if you show interest in those naysayers, I think you are on the wrong path. Please don’t listen to them. Follow your own inner callings. You have an idea born inside, fuel that idea continuously and then you are DEFINITELY every single day closer to your goal. Don’t listen to those people. They are innocent people. Give them a margin and then just smile at them and wait for them to come back to you with a lot of flowers and chocolates. Promising that they always knew you would do it. They were just teasing you by saying that maybe that actually God is testing you? Are you actually made for something bigger or not when the things are going against you. Don’t listen to them, listen to your own inner voice. There’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come and it has come now.  

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