Peak At The Right Time

Peak At The Right Time

Well, we always hear life is SHORT and this gets so much into our mind that we want EVERYTHING to be short. Every target to be short, every problem to be short.

Actually they are short, but when you are passing through that, they appear to be very very long. Especially, when you are passing through a ROUGH phase of your life. There is none permanency in this planet earth. Nothing is fixed. All those negatives that sometimes we encounter in our lives, they are also not PERMANENT. You should be in a position to appreciate the big picture.

In the big picture, if you have looked at a particular point, at a particular spot, and that’s not something which is you are happy with or you are kind of enjoying that state, don’t worry, it will pass. And then there will be a brighter tomorrow… a better tomorrow.

Take it easy because it is a long journey. This CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATION, in particular, I must tell you, it’s not something that is like a quick fix. Like, I mean today you work hard, and tomorrow you have the result in your hand and you are being celebrated. No! It is a very HIGH PEAKthat you decided to climb and every step is important. So what is, I would like you to keep in your mind, remember this is a marathon. If you stay just ahead in the FORWARD PACK, I am sure you would at the right time PEAK.

Don’t think that you will run like a sprint and then you will have the whole thing finishing in a short span of time. It’s not like that. It gradually...gradually gives you but all this time you have to stay motivated and positive, keeping the goal very clear in your mind. And I am sure if you just keep running in the forward pack, I am sure you will be one with all the energy in-store to peak at the right time. You must not forget, it is not a sprint, it is a MARATHON and then the results are beautiful.

Thank you!