Enjoy The Journey

Enjoy The Journey

Hi, I read a line sometime somewhere I don’t remember where they say like ‘when you arrive at your destination, you are very tired so you should enjoy the journey.

Actually, that’s what I wanted to share here today in this particular vlog. You should not be the one who is like in pursuit of happiness. This pursuit of happiness- I read a book which reverses and says ‘Happiness Of Pursuit.’ I mean if you are happy pursuing something, you would always- always do much better. Do you know a concept called Emotional Valance? Your emotional valance goes high and anything you have enjoyed, you would always do better than others. And then you see, you are learning so much. You are every day becoming closer to your goal and every day you are richer and then when you are starting a day it is better than yesterday. As far as the information base is concerned, as far as your distance to the goal is concerned, you are so CLOSE to it. Please keep enjoying the journey because if you are enjoying the journey, the process of learning at self would give you so much enjoyment that you would be like so much engrossed that you will come out with a beautiful product of your result. If you have got your emotions in ceratin tasks you always come out with beautiful outcomes. All those achievers of their life, I have always seen that they have believed in what they have been doing, they have enjoyed what they have been doing as such we all know that. Success is not a Santa Claus with a delivery that you a wish list you put it into some socks and then probably someday somebody would come and give it for a defined day. No. you have to enjoy the whole process of creating it and I think when you are enjoying the process the PAIN of FATIGUE OF LEARNING would go away. You would be so excited to note something more, acquire some more skills of writing, acquire some skills of expression and then that’s what it is so, let’s not be talking about the pursuit of happiness. Happiness of pursuit, enjoy the process and I am sure the result is a beautiful outcome waiting for you. All the best.

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