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  20 June
MD2   18 July   30000

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 Why to join Mains Destinaire?

The Stage which holds the most marks, the stage in which you can show your creativity and innovation, the stage which can inch you towards your destiny, this is the Mains Examination.

KSG brings to you a complete package of Mains Examination. The aspirants who have been working hard day and night, they can supplement their notes with our X-Factors, so that their answers become more enriched.

Also the aspirants who want to prepare for Mains Examination in a very focused manner with notes and tests, will find this program of much help.

What One Can Expect?

1. Consolidated Material focused on demand of the Mains Examination.

2. More than 150+ hours of classes.

3. Current Affairs of around one and half year will be covered.

4. Static / Conventional Topics will be covered as per their importance in the Mains this Year.

5. 11 Mains tests will help the aspirants realize their strength and can engineer their art of answer writing even further.

6. Mentor support is needed at Mains level, so that the aspirants can have the right Guidance.

Through this program KSG will provide Mentor support.

7. Ethics Paper has been becoming a marks fetching paper and we, at KSG, through this program will provide you the focussed Ethics material and sessions.

8. One can Expect some X-Factors in the form of Diagrams, Illustrations, Schematic Flow charts etc. For their answers in Mains Examination