Aniket Sachan, AIR 285, UPSC CSE 2019-20

Namaskar, my name is ANIKET SACHAN and I have scored ALL INDIA RANK 285 in CIVIL SERVICES EXAMINATION 2019.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the KHAN SIR and to the entire KSG TEAM for being the constant companion throughout my interview journey. KHAN SIR... when I first went to DELHI for the interview preparation KHAN SIR gave a small talk on "How should one mold his thinking for the interview process?" and found that really really helpful.

Even afterward he was constantly connected through his mobile and whenever I sent him a query he would respond to it without any delay. The QUESTION BANK which the KSG TEAM prepared for me was also quite helpful for getting the kind of questions that could be prepared from my DAF and it helped me a lot to prepare the topics of my DAF

In addition to it, the mock was also really helpful in understanding the POSITIVES and NEGATIVES and what should be the improvement in my personality at that time. I would like to again thank KHAN SIR for helping me in this journey.