Sandeep Bagha, AIR 244, UPSC CSE 2019-20

My namaskar to everyone, I am SANDEEP BAGHA. I have secured rank 244 in CIVIL SERVICES EXAMINATION, 2019.

I have been associated with KHAN STUDY GROUP since day 1 of my preparation as I was part of the GENERAL STUDIES FOUNDATION COURSE. The biggest contribution of KSG in my success is considering the ANSWER WRITING SKILLS. DR KHAN has helped me immensely in bettering my answer writing presentation and he enabled me to make answer writing my strength throughout my preparation process. He must have evaluated hundreds of my answers and used to give comprehensive feedback.

Along with KHAN SIR, a special mention should be made of SHANTANU SIR, APURV SIR for boosting my confidence, for encouraging me to write more answers and standing with me all along my journey. It's not only about preparation but KSG and DR KHAN has taught me not only how to prepare but also how to repair myself.

When I recognize a flaw within me, and by being an inspiration and example in front of me, KHAN SIR taught me how to be simple and how to be humble. In fact, I could say that he is one of the finest human beings I've ever seen. He has taught me not just the class lesson but also life lessons. On the very day one of my coachings, KHAN SIR told one golden and important thing that never ever take excuses in your entire preparation and I can say that today if there is an unsuccessful candidate who is struggling a lot to succeed in this exam he or she must have taken many excuses and he or she must have found many reasons for why they should not move forward.

Khan sir always used to say "If life throws hundreds of challenges, hundreds of problems, hundreds of reasons for the fight you should not move forward and achieve your goal? then we should show the life thousands of reasons why you should move forward and achieve your goal successfully". I used to keep this in mind always and it motivated me a lot. And, I used to have a personal interaction with KHAN SIR many a time and especially during the interviews time it becomes very important to have a positive mindset and with a lot of interaction with KHAN SIR, I used to discuss my DAF-related topics and also some CURRENT ISSUES.

The unique feature of the KSG mock is positive feedback. KHAN SIR always used to say that no person is flawless in fact and every person is having his or her own weaknesses but we have to capitalize on our strength. Instead of bothering about our weakness, we have to focus on our strength and which will enable us to succeed in this exam as well as perform well in this interview personality test. After interaction with most of the toppers from the last three years, I could say that KHAN SIR is one of the very few competent personalities in this CIVIL SERVICES field who has the competence to ask any question from any topic irrespective of its stream and spectrum.

Instead, He is so competent that he can ask questions from metallurgical engineering, chemical engineering, dynamics, statistics, and whatnot, geology also. His heroicness can be derived from the Nobel Personality and the competence of the subject which he has. I am very proud and privileged to have been a part of the KSG FAMILY and with the values inculcated by DR KHAN and the team and I can say with confidence that I am going to stand as a role model CIVIL SERVANT and give back to the institution, give back to the KSG which has brought me here today.