Pooja Kumar, AIR 207, UPSC CSE 2019-20

Hello everyone, I am POOJA KUMAR and I have secured a rank of 207 in the recently announced UPSC results 2019.

This was my 3rd attempt as well as the 3rd interview and this is the first time that I have got in the rank. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to KHAN STUDY GROUP which has played an instrumental role in my UPSC journey.

As I was a part of the weekend classroom coaching of KSG as well as the interview guidance program which is personally mentored by KHAN SIR. In terms of the interview guidance program, I did gain valuable insights in terms of identifying not just my weaknesses but also my strengths and addressing the weaknesses accordingly. His feedback has focused also on constructive criticism whereby I was able to understand where the pitfalls lied in my preparation for my interview and eventually this helped me in facing the UPSC interview board in a more calm and composed manner.

I would also like to say to the students appearing for attempts 2020 and onwards to remain focused during the time of COVID 19 because during this time when we are not attending any classroom coaching with limited interaction and staying at home there is a chance that we may slip back into a very lazy and lethargic attitude.

So, for the students, I would really recommend that please pull up your socks and prepare for the upcoming prelims 2020 or if you are preparing for 2021 to maintain a degree of consistency in your preparation which will be fruitful one way or the other. I would also say that my journey as a UPSC aspirant has been filled with lots of Crust and Crufts.

So, I would say that please accept the obstacles coming in your way in your UPSC preparation to be a part of the learning process in becoming a successful bureaucrat and more so becoming a balanced and holistic individual. So, BEST OF LUCK for your UPSC examinations.