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Today's Headlines - 13 June 2024

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Global Gender Gap Index

GS Paper I

News Excerpt:

India has slipped two places on the World Economic Forum's (WEF) Global Gender Gap index to 129th place, while Iceland retained its top position in the rankings.

News in brief

India is the World's Second Largest Emitter of Nitrous Oxide

News Excerpt:

India ranks as the second-largest emitter of nitrous oxide (N2O) globally, a greenhouse gas significantly more potent than carbon dioxide in terms of atmospheric heating.

Narco-Driven Deforestation Poses a Threat to Tropical Birds

News Excerpt:

Cocaine traffickers have put two-thirds of Central America’s key habitats for threatened birds under threat, study finds.

How SpaceX's Starship Could Revolutionise Space Travel and Exploration

News Excerpt:

SpaceX's Starship rocket achieved a significant milestone with its first fully successful test flight, its booster and spacecraft executed a gentle splashdown after an hour-long sub-orbital journey.

Bihar and Andhra are unlikely to get special status

News Excerpt:

Internal discussions within the government suggest that the demand for special category status by the BJP’s two key allies, TDP and JD(U) for Andhra Pradesh and Bihar, respectively, will be hard to meet since there are several states which may need a higher percentage of grants given their socio-economic and fiscal health.

Joshimath Renamed as Jyotirmath, Kosiyakutoli Becomes Kainchi Dham

News Excerpt:

In a significant move reflecting the historical and spiritual heritage of Uttarakhand, the Centre has approved the renaming of Joshimath tehsil in Chamoli district to Jyotirmath, and Kosiyakutoli tehsil in Nainital district to Pargana Shri Kainchi Dham.

How does Google Search work?

News Excerpt:

On May 5, the CEO of a marketing research firm received an anonymous email claiming access to Google’s Search algorithm API documents. This leak exposed significant insights into Google's ranking factors.

Rural Inflation Stays Over 5%, Urban Food Inflation Nears 9%

News Excerpt:

The National Statistics Office (NSO) under the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation released CPI inflation data for May on June 12.

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