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Today's Headlines - 07 July 2024

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Right to Repair Portal

News Excerpt:

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DoCA) held a meeting with automobile associations and companies to encourage their participation in the newly launched Right to Repair Portal.


News Excerpt:

Coal India Limited (CIL) has launched the NIRMAN scheme for SC, ST, female and Third Gender candidates appearing for UPSC Mains Examination.

National Literary Award

News Excerpt:

Noted Tamil writer Sivashankari, who has created a wealth of literature in Tamil, has been selected for the Dr. C. Narayana Reddy National Literary Award.

Producer Price Index

News Excerpt: 

The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) is in the final stages of developing a model for implementing the Producer Price Index in India.

3D Hologram technology role in avoiding counterfeiting

News Excerpt: 

The Japanese government has issued its first new banknotes in two decades, featuring advanced 3D hologram technology to combat counterfeiting.

AI Comes to the Rescue of Elephants

News Excerpt:

Recent deployment of Gajraj by Indian Railways has highlighted the use of technology in elephant conservation efforts.

Biodegradable Biomass-Based Aerogel For Radiative Cooling

News Excerpt:

In a groundbreaking development, scientists have created an innovative aerogel made from gelatin and DNA that not only surpasses 100% solar reflectance but also offers exceptional radiative cooling. 

Denisovan Fossil in Tibetan Plateau

News Excerpt:

A detailed analysis of 2,500 mammalian bones from the Baishiya Karst Cave on the Tibetan Plateau has provided fresh insights into the Denisovans' subsistence practices.

Kalamkari Artforms

News Excerpt:

The once-flourishing Kalamkari art form is now struggling for survival in contemporary times due to the rise of power looms, escalating raw material costs, diminishing wages and erosion of the artisan base.

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