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Today's Headlines - 04 July 2024

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Motion of Thanks

News Excerpt:

The Prime Minister replied to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address to Parliament in the Rajya Sabha.


News Excerpt: 

India's newly developed most powerful non-nuclear bomb is 2x more lethal than TNT (Trinitrotoluene).

Global Liveability Index, 2024

News Excerpt:

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) publishes its Global Liveability Index, evaluating 173 cities globally. This index reveals how comfortable these cities are to live in.

Maharashtra Reports Zika Cases

News Excerpt:

The Union Health Ministry issued an advisory on 3rd July, urging all States to maintain vigilance after the recent Zika virus cases in Maharashtra.

Palm Tree Planting to Combat Lightning Deaths

News Excerpt: 

Odisha plans to plant around 1.9 million palm trees and has implemented restrictions on cutting existing palm trees.

Bridge Recombinase Mechanism

News Excerpt:

Researchers have discovered a powerful DNA editing tool known as the bridge recombinase mechanism that naturally exists within human genetic machinery.

Draft National Programme for Organic Production Proposes Unique ID for Farmers

News Excerpt:

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), which oversees organic production and exports in the country, issued the draft National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP), 2024. It suggests introducing a unique identification (ID) for farmers interested in organic farming.

India's Quest to Bridge the Quantum Capabilities Gap

News Excerpt: 

An assessment by Itihaasa, a non-profit organization studying technology evolution in the country, highlights the substantial gap between India’s current capabilities in Quantum Technology and those of global leaders like the United States and China.

Textiles Ministry Plans to Use Castor Plant for Silk Production

News Excerpt:

The Ministry of Textiles is set to launch a pilot project in Bihar, specifically in Bhagalpur, a key castor-producing district, to explore the use of castor plants as an alternative to traditional mulberry silk production.

Spiral Galaxies appeared 4 Billion Years Sooner Than Expected

News Excerpt:

A new study has revealed a higher number of spiral galaxies in the universe’s early stages than previously expected.

UNESCO World Heritage Committee session

News Excerpt:

The 46th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, which is being hosted by India from July 21-31, will be held at the Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi.

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