Trade Mark Rules 2017

The Trade Mark Rules, 2017 have been notified and have come into effect from 06th March, 2017. These Rules, which replace the erstwhile Trade Mark Rules 2002, will streamline and simplify the processing of Trade Mark applications.

INS Viraat retires

The navy decommissioned Indian Navy Ship (INS) Viraat, the world’s oldest aircraft carrier, 58 years after she entered operational service with the Royal Navy in 1959. During this period, she has sailed over a million kilometres, enough to circumnavigate the world 27 times.

AI beats professionals

For the first time, an artificial intelligence system has beaten human professionals at a game of Texas hold 'em poker, scientists say.

Galaxy four times the mass of the Milky way

The Hubble space telescope has captured a new image showcasing an incredibly massive galaxy located under 400 million light-years away from the Earth.