During his eight years in power, US President Barack Obama charted a course with India which he believed would benefit people of both countries, his spokesman has said.

“President Obama has recognised the opportunity that exists with India to deepen our security, economic and diplomatic relationship. And the president believes that doing that successfully allows the United States interests not just in Asia but around the world,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters at his daily news conference. He said Obama was proud of the success in doing that, adding that there are important economic benefits for the American people as well. “There are important security benefits in that region of the world as two of the world’s largest democracies get together and work together to advance the interests of peace loving countries like our two countries,” he said.
“With regard to the future, that’s something that the incoming administration will have to speak to. But President Obama had an opportunity during his eight years in office to chart a course that he believes benefited the citizens of the United States and India,” Earnest said.