Preparation for CSAT and beyond

It’s a pride in itself to help our youngsters and aspiring students be a part of the Indian Administrative Services. The preparation for IAS and Civil services coaching is a great move one makes in their career and life.We are the top IAS coaching in Jaipur.


We have been doing so for the past two decades and the satisfaction we have earned is beyond words.


Officers from all cadres and all parts of the country at some point of time were associated with the Khan Study Group the pink city attracts aspirants of the civil service exams from all over the state of Rajasthan. Khan sir has the pride of preparing the best of talents in Rajasthan.




CSAT is not just an exam to be cracked. It is more of a life style. You cannot just decide today and crack the paper tomorrow. One needs to fully imbibe the idea of CSAT and the life ahead.


·         It should be your approach towards life to be an IAS officer. Approach in life is mightier than your aims in life.


·         Your preparation never ends, it’s an ongoing process.


·         You should not have a routine for study; rather study should be your routine.


·         All your senses including the 6th sense should get busy with you in your preparation.


·         Books and beyond books keep your eyes and ears open to learning.


·         Your attitude matters.


·         Never let your quest to know more satisfy.


·         Preparation for IAS demands you to master and guide yourself first.


At KSG Classes


We promise you to get an environment enriched with learning and deep thinking. It’s the mind that works the most when you get into civil services coaching. Your preparation for IAS can go manifolds with the KSG classes.


We aim to deliver more civil servants to our country in order to maintain the smooth functioning of this huge democracy. It’s an honour to be top IAS coaching in Jaipur.


Our results have been speaking for us.


·         We provide civil services coaching with the most upgraded syllabus and techniques.


·         Our test series have made us the top IAS coaching in Jaipur.


·         Our candidates are our biggest strength and we always strive for their betterment.




Manage your emotional status


While preparing for the civil exams it is very important to maintain a perfect emotional and physical balance. Sometimes stress wipes out human beings and in such situations to be able to hold on to your emotional state of mind is very important.


While preparing it is very important to get environment where you are always self-motivated. Our team of mentors our founder and our students are a good amalgamation of balanced and positive people who keep spirits up.


The final word


Every mentor, every officer and every aspiring IAS will have a different final word when it comes to preparations for the supreme exams. We are not here to provide you, a final word rather we would like you to find your own.