News Excerpt
Recently, Jammu and Kashmir lieutenant governor inaugurated Mansar Rejuvenation and Development plan.

About Manasar lake
•    Among the many lakes dotting Jammu, the Mansar Lake is located 37 km from the main city.
•    The location of this lake is in the middle of a dense forest, hills and small gardens. There are two old shrines located at the site of Mansar Lake – Umapati Mahadev and Narasimha Temple as well a temple of Durga Devi.
•    There are 207 species of algae, 15 species of waterfowl and seven varieties of fish living in the lake.
•    Mansar is of immense importance from pilgrimage as well heritage point of view beyond being the most scenic attraction due to vast Mansar Lake and its flora and fauna.

The Mansar Rejuvenation and Development plan
    After implementation of this project the number of tourists/pilgrims will increase to 20 lakhs per year from 10 lakhs in the Mansar region. It will have direct impact on people’s income.
    Mansar Rejuvenation Plan will lead to employment generation of about 1.15 crore man-days.
    It will generate more than Rs 800 crore of income per year.
    It is an immensely important project which will attract tourists to Mansar Lake and its flora and fauna.
    A multi-pronged approach is being adopted to bring Jammu and Kashmir as one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the World Map.

Significance of the move
    After the abrogation of article 370 Union Government has initiated various development project. It can be cited that government’s priorities are aligned to create development driven employment opportunities.
    It is expected that this project will help in the generation of employment of about 1.15 crore man-days and income of Rs 800 crore per year.
    7% of the region's GDP is contributed by tourism such rejuvenation effort may increase the overall numbers and increase prosperity in the region.

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