News Excerpt
A rare inscription dating back to the Renati Chola era has been unearthed in Kadapa district that has kindled interest among the fraternity of archaeology and history.

•    The Telugu Cholas of Renadu (also called as Renati Cholas) ruled over Renadu region, the present day Cuddapah district.
•    They were originally independent, later forced to the suzerainty of the Eastern Chalukyas. They had the unique honour of using Telugu language in their inscriptions belonging to the 7th and 8th centuries.
Key Points
    It has been found engraved on a dolomite slab and shale.
    The inscription was written in archaic Telugu.
    It was assigned to the 8th Century A.D., when the region was under the rule of Chola Maharaja of Renadu.
    The inscription seems to throw light on the record of a gift of six Marttus (a measuring unit) of land gifted to a person Sidyamayu, one of the Brahmins serving the temple at Pidukula village.
    It says the people who safeguards this inscription for future generations will acquire the status of conducting AswamedhaYaga and those destroying it will incur sin equivalent to causing a death in Varanas.

Chola Dynasty
    The Cholas are remembered as one of the longest ruling dynasties in the southern regions of India.
    The reign of the Cholas began in the 9th century when they defeated the Pallavas to come into power. This rule stretched over for over five long centuries until the 13th century.
    The early periods of the Chola rule saw the onset of the Sangam literature. Kantaman was one of the prominent rulers of this era.  
    The medieval period was the era of absolute power and development for the Cholas.
    Rajaraj Chola and Rajendra Chola further expanded the kingdom into the Tamil region.
    This magnificence lasted until the arrival of the Pandyas in the early 13th century.