News Excerpt
The Ministry of Defence signed contracts with three Indian companies for supply of six regiments of the Pinaka Rocket System to be deployed along borders with Pakistan and China.
•    In the battlefield, long range artillery systems like Pinaka are used for attacking the adversary targets prior to the close quarter battles which involve smaller range artillery, armored elements and the infantry.
•    It was first used in the battlefield during the Kargil War of 1999, quite successfully.
•    The Mark-I version of Pinaka has a range of around 40 kilometres and the Mark-II version can fire up to 75 kilometres.
•    The Mark-II version of the rocket has been modified as a guided missile system by integrating it with the navigation, control and guidance system to improve the end accuracy and increase the range.
•    The navigation system of the missile is linked with the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System. In comparison to artillery guns, rockets are less accurate, but with addition of guidance and navigation systems, this aspect is taken care of.
•    With its upgrades, the Pinaka Mark-II can be a key element in the “network centric warfare”.