News Excerpt
The 11th edition of exercise INDRA NAVY, a biennial bilateral maritime exercise between Indian Navy and Russian Navy was held in the Bay of Bengal.

•    Indra Navy defense exercise was initiated in 2003.
•    The exercise is aimed at enhancing interoperability, improving understanding and imbibing best practices between the two navies.
•    The last edition of the exercise was conducted off Visakhapatnam in December 2018.

    The primary aim of exercise INDRA NAVY-20 is to further consolidate inter-operability built up by the two Navies and epitomizes the long-term strategic relationship between the two Navies, over the years and also to enhance understanding and procedures for multi-faceted maritime operations.
    Exercise INDRA NAVY-20 will help to further boost mutual confidence and cooperation between the two Navies and would reinforce the long-standing bond of friendship between the two countries.