News Excerpt
The G20 Environment Ministers Meeting will take place as part of the Sherpa Track for the G20 Leaders’ Summit 2020, which is to be hosted by Saudi Arabia at the end of 2020.

•    The G20 Environment Ministers meet to strengthen policy cooperation towards the reduction of land degradation and habitat loss, and the conservation of coral reefs to safeguard the planet’s ecosystems and biodiversity.
•    Stressing the importance of preserving the environment and building a more sustainable future, the G20 members discussed issues related to conservation of the earth’s environment including land, oceans and natural resources. They addressed protecting marine and terrestrial environments and working towards reducing marine pollution, especially marine plastic littering.

G20 Environment Ministers Promote a More Sustainable Future for All
•    Coral reefs are some of the most diverse and valuable ecosystems on Earth, but are under threat from pollution, disease, and habitat destruction.
•    The ministers examined how best to conserve coral reefs and ocean ecosystems to ensure the protection of a habitat that 25-50% of marine life depends on and helps protect communities from flooding.
•    G20 ministers also discussed how best to reduce land degradation and conserve biodiversity. Around 12 million hectares of land are lost annually due to the land degradation, causing significant environmental and socioeconomic damage - impacting more than three billion people.
•    Ministers acknowledged conservation, cooperation, research and innovation as essential to tackle the current challenges to safeguard the planet and preserve the environment.
•    The COVID-19 along with climate challenges demand a commitment to build a more sustainable and prosperous future for all. Aligned with the ambition of the Saudi G20 Presidency to safeguard the planet, Ministers also stressed the central role of sustainable management of natural resources to protect the planet and to restore growth.

Key Points: India and Meeting
•    India is committed to work with G20 nations for a better world.
•    India has been taking measures to enhance coral reef conservation. India’s steps towards dealing with climate change have been remarkable and stated that the world has to channel its best practices to deal with climate change and to get concrete results.
•    The efforts made by National Coastal Mission Programme under which government has taken many steps to protect and sustain coral reefs in the country.
•    The efforts made by India towards achieving land degradation neutrality, and towards attainment of global goals of climate change mitigation and adaptation.
•    India believes that equity, common but differentiated responsibilities, finance and technology partnerships are key pillars and India is walking the talk on Paris Agreement and its climate commitments. India is taking adequate action to meet Paris Agreement goals and is one of the few countries compliant with it.