News Excerpt
The Department of Science of Technology has sanctioned ₹170 crore under the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber Physical Systems to set up a Technology Innovation Hub on Cobotics at IIT-Delhi.

What is Cobotics?
•    Cobotics is a neologism formed by the collaborative and robotics. It has been used for the first time in 1999 by Peshkin and Colgate to conceptualize the direct interaction between a robot and a human on a dedicated workstation.
•    In the present study, a cobot is defined as a robot that has been designed and built to collaborate with humans.
•    A workstation including a robot and a human collaborating is called a cobotic system.
•    Cobotics is defined by the science and techniques of designing, building, studying and evaluating cobotic systems.
•    A robot may have all mechanical and hardware characteristics for a possible collaboration with humans but if it is used in full autonomy, it is not part of a cobotic system even if it can be called a cobot.
•    Cobotics is a new application in industrial automation. These robots are equipped with sensors that give the feelings one need.

Advantages of cobots
•    Cobots are small and can therefore be used anywhere in a production process.
•    They are lightweight and easy to move.
•    Built-in safety measures such as a safety stop and sensors.
•    Cobots can be stopped by people with one arm.
•    Easy to assemble.
•    Easy to program with software and apps.
•    Able to perform different tasks.
•    Can continue day and night.
•    Consistent in quality.

    The I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics (IHFC) will not only perform research in Cobotics, but also proactively translate the outcomes into products for the benefit of the humanity.
    The four verticals that will be covered under the IHFC at IIT-Delhi are medical robotics, agriculture and disaster management, defense, and smart manufacturing.
    The focus will be the technologies where robots should be able to work together with humans for maximising the benefit of human intelligence with robots’ precision and ability to work tirelessly in an environment where the humans cannot work.

The initiative of the Government is in the right direction to take the lead in the fourth industrial revolution.