News Excerpt
The Indian Ocean island of Mauritius has declared a “state of environmental emergency” after anOil leak in Indian Ocean by Japanese-owned ship that ran aground offshore days ago.

•    Mauritius’s 1.3 million people relies heavily on tourism. It is an island country surrounded by beautiful lagoon and coral reefs. Which are the main attraction of tourist.
•    The COVID-19 has already broke the spine of Mauritius’s Economy and now oil spill could further aggravate it.

About Oil leak Incident
o    A Japanese vessel carrying 4000 tonnes of crude oil started leaking into the Indian Ocean and in territorial water.
o    It deviated from its course and headed towards Mauritius instead of the regular shipping lanes several nautical miles south of it.
o    More than 1000 tonnes of oil leaked from the cracked vessel polluting the coral reefs, beaches and lagoons of the island nation.
o    The government also sought international help to contain the damage.
o    Locals are also actively involved in the cleanup efforts. Environmentalists are concerned about the impact of the oil spill on the fragile ecosystem.

o    Mauritius is under-equipped to deal with environmental and economic disasters the marine accident has brought upon the nation
o    Thousands of species around the lagoons are at risk of drowning in a sea of pollution, with dire consequences for Mauritius’s economy, food security and health.
o    Coral reefs are under severity of being wiped out, Thus oil spill may cause significant impact on lagoon and ultimately to the economy in long run.
o    There is no guaranteed safe way to extract, transport and store fossil fuel products. This oil leak is not a twist of fate, but the choice of our twisted addiction to fossil fuels.

India’s Efforts in Containing Damage
    Indian marine disaster management personnel have joined their local counterparts in containing the damage.
    India has delivered 30 tons of equipment and material for use in oil spill containment and salvage operations.
    A ten-member team from the Indian Coast Guard has been deployed for the purpose.