News Excerpt
Recently, the Union Government approved the Khadi AgarbattiAtmaNirbhar Mission to generate employment and make India self-reliant in agarbatti production.

Objectives of Scheme
•    The Khadi AgarbattiAtmaNirbhar Mission has been launched mainly due to the import restriction imposed on raw Agarbatti.
•    It aims to increase import duty on Bamboo sticks.
•    It aims to enable the private Agarbatti manufacturers to increase their production without any major capital investment.

    The Khadi AgarbattiAtmaNirbhar Mission has been designed by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission on PPP mode.
    Under the mission, the KVIC will provide powder mixing machines and automatic Agarbatti making machines to the workers through the successful private Agarbatti manufacturers, who will sign the agreement as business partners.
    The KVIC will only procure locally-made machines by Indian manufacturers with the aim of encouraging local production.
    The Commission will provide a 25 percent subsidy on the cost of the machines and recover the remaining 75 percent of the cost from the workers in small installments every month.
    The business partners will provide the artisans with the raw material for making Agarbatti and will pay those wages on a job work basis.
    The cost of the workers' training will be shared between KVIC and the private business partner, where KVIC will bear 75% of the cost while private business partners will bear 25% of the cost.
    Each of the automatic Agarbatti making machines is expected to make approximately 80 kg Agarbatti each day, which will provide direct employment to 4 persons.
    On the other hand, one powder mixing machine, which will be given on a set of 5 Agarbatti making machines, will provide employment to 2 people each.

    This scheme will benefit the artisans and enhance the production of Agarbatti.
    It will also provide necessary training, machine and raw material to artisans.
    It will boost local production and generate new employment opportunities.
    Scheme will develop the domestic Agarbatti industry as a whole and thereby will reduce the import.