News Excerpt
A series of initiatives were announced by the Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs, which included the Tribal Health and Nutrition Portal ‘Swasthya’ and e-newsletter, ‘ALEKH’ on health and nutrition.

Swasthya Portal
•    Swasthya is the first of its kind comprehensive platform for health and nutrition related information of the tribal population. It has a dashboard, knowledge repository, partner segment, Sickle Cell Diseases (SCD) support corner.
•    The dashboard presents data curated from multiple sources for the 177 identified high priority tribal districts.
•    In addition, the Portal also has research studies, innovations and best practices on tribal community curated from multiple sources related to tribal health and nutrition.
•    In addition, the SCDSupport Corneravailable in the Portal encourages people with Sickle Cell disease or trait to register themselves.
•    It is hoped that this Portal will bridge the existing knowledge, drive evidence-based policy making and catalyse a series of actions which will ultimately lead to overall improvements in the health and nutrition status of the tribal population in India.
•    The Portal will be managed by the Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Knowledge Management inHealth and Nutrition, established by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs in collaboration with Piramal Swasthya Management and Research Institute.
•    This CoE works towards consolidating data for tribal health & nutrition, facilitating evidence-based policy making, documenting successful models, best practices and innovative solutions, disseminating and facilitating exchange of knowledge, creating networks and collaborating with stakeholders to improve tribal health & nutrition outcomes.

Tribal Welfare Initiatives
    “ALEKH’, a quarterly e-newsletter. Emphasizing on the commitment of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs to improve the health and wellbeing of the tribal communities.
    It willenable us to showcase the work of all our stakeholders and encourage us to learn from each other’s successes and failures.
    The GOAL programme, MoTA and Facebook are jointly reaching the ST youth, and specially ST girls, through digital platform for developing entrepreneurial skills among them.
    Ministry of Tribal Affairs has been recently awarded the 66th SKOCH Gold Award for ‘Empowerment of Tribals through IT enabled Scholarship Schemes’ under guidance of DBT Mission.
    It was informed that the national evaluation of Centrally Sponsored Schemes focused on social inclusion by KPMG has recognised the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Portal of Ministry of Tribal Affairs as a best practice in e-governance; leading to greater transparency, accountability and radical improvement in service delivery to Scheduled Tribe students.
    National Fellowship and Overseas Scholarship Portal will bring greater transparency and easy information to the ST students.
    Through the ‘Going Online as Leaders (GOAL)’ Programme, the Ministry aims to mentor 5000 Tribal Youth across India and enable them to become village-level digital young leaders for their communities.

Article 17, 338, 338A, 338B, The Protection of Civil Rights Act,1955, The Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989.