News Excerpt
Union government launched Manodarpan, an initiative to provide psychological support and counselling to students, teachers and families for mental health and emotional well-being.

•    The 'Manodarpan' initiative has been included in the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan.
•    It is a part of strengthening human capital and increasing productivity and efficient reform and initiatives for the education sector.

Features of Manodarpan Initiative
    Advisory Guidelines for students, teachers and faculty of School systems and Universities along with families.
    Web page which will carry advisory, practical tips, posters, videos, do's and don’ts’s for psychosocial support, FAQs and online query system.
    National level database and directory of counsellors at School and University level whose services can be offered voluntarily for tele-Counselling Service on the National Helpline.
    National Toll-free Helpline - 8448440632 for a country wide outreach to students from school, universities and colleges.
    Unique helpline shall be manned by a pool of experienced counsellors, Psychologists and other mental health professionals and will continue beyond the COVID-19.
    Handbook on Psychosocial Support: Enriching Life skills & Wellbeing of Students - The booklet will include FAQs, facts & myths and will also cover ways and means to manage emotional and behavioural concerns from young children to college going youth.
    Interactive online chat platform for contact, counselling and guidance by psychologists and other mental health professionals which will be available for students, teachers, and families.
    Webinars, audio-visual resources including videos, posters, flyers, comics, and short films to be uploaded as additional resource materials on the webpage.
    Crowd sourcing from students all over the country will be encouraged as peer support.

Many students required psychological support because lockdown was new to them. They were stressed because of this. Manodarpan will provide assistance to the students, teachers and parents.