News Excerpt
Bombay High Court seeks report on change in colour of the Lonar lake water. The water of lake abruptly turned pink.

•    The oval-shaped, crater lake formed after a meteorite hit the Earth some 50,000 years ago. It is a popular tourist hub located in Maharashtra’s Buldhana district.
•    It is Located 500 km from Mumbai and over 90 km from Buldhana city,
•    The Lake was declared a notified National Geo-heritage Monument in 1979. The lake is a part of the Lonar Wildlife Sanctuary declared in 2000.

Issue Involved
    The Lake had turned reddish-pink due to high salinity, acidity (pH) and an algal bloom.
    This is not the first time the colour change has happened, although it is more evident this time.
    In case of a natural phenomenon, there are fungi which generally give a greenish colour to water most of the times. The current colour change seems to be a biological change in the Lonar crater.
    During the lockdown phase, there may not have been disturbance to water which led to this change.
    Two issues of immediate concern highlighted for this situation are open defecation by Lonar citizens at the lake and discharge of sewage water from Lonar city freely entering the lake.
    There is an example of a lake in Iran, where water becomes reddish due to an increase in salinity.