News Excerpt
The International Conference on NanoScience and NanoTechnology (ICONSAT) 2020 is being organized during 5th-7th March at Kolkata (West Bengal).

•    Nano Technology is a knowledge-intensive and "enabling technology" which is expected to influence a wide range of products and processes with far-reaching implications for the national economy and development.
•    The Government of India launched the Nano Mission in May 2007 as an "umbrella capacity-building programme". As a result of the efforts led by the Nano Mission, today, India is amongst the top five nations in the world in terms of scientific publications in nano science and technology.
•    ICONSAT is the series of biennial international conference held in India under the aegis of Nano Mission, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, that provides a global platform of interactions among eminent scientists to bring to fore the recent advances in the area of nanoscience and technology.
•    This conferences series have earlier been hosted by premier national institutes like CeNS Bengaluru (2018), IISER-Pune (2016), INST Mohali (2014), ARCI Hyderabad (2012), IIT Bombay (2010), IIT Madras (2008), IIT Delhi (2006) and SINP Kolkata (2003).

    The conference intends to bring out cutting-edge developments in the domain of physical, chemical, materials as well as biological sciences with the help of nanotechnology.
    It aims to provide a potential platform for young researchers and students from within the country and abroad to keep pace with the latest development in the emerging areas of Nano Science and Technology.
    The event emphasised on 5Ms – Mechanical, Material, Machines, Manufacturing and Manpower, and integration of these 5 Ms with nano-science and technology.
    It also aimed to integrate nanotechnology with sustainable development and new technology (machine learning, artificial intelligence and so on).
    It emphasized the need to create a network of experts in nano-science and to collaborate the knowledge across sectors like energy, agriculture, transport, health and so on.

The following broad areas were covered in the conference
    Emerging materials for nanoscience and nanotechnology
    Quantum Materials
    Energy materials
    Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics
    Synthesis, Properties and Application of Nanomaterials
o    Thermoelectric
o    Nanomagnetism
o    Plasmonics
    Theory and simulation of nanomaterials
    Nanotechnology for agriculture, biomaterials, tissue engineering, stem cell technology, etc.
    Industrial nanomaterials

Nanoscience and nanotechnology are at the forefront of modern research. The fast growing economy requires experts who have an outstanding knowledge of nanoscience in combination with the skills to apply this knowledge in new products. A multidisciplinary scientific education is crucial to provide industry and research institutes with top quality experts who have a generic background in the different sub-disciplines such as electronics, physics, chemistry, material science, biotechnology, and at the same time be experts in one particular field. Thus, ICONSAT international conference will provide a global platform of interactions among eminent scientists to bring to fore the recent advances in the area of nanoscience and technology.

International Conference on Bio-Nano Innovation (ICBNI 2020), Nanomaterial.