News Excerpt
The Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare has launched the COVID-19 National Teleconsultation Centre (CoNTeC), implemented by AIIMS, Delhi.

•    The CoNTeC has been made operational at AIIMS with a view to connect the Doctors across the country to AIIMS in real time for treatment of the COVID-19 patients.
•    The Doctors would be available in the facility 24X7 to keep it operational 24 hrs. The boarding and lodging facility are also made available for the Doctors manning it.
•    This is a multi-modal telecommunication hub through which two-way audio-video and text communications can be exchanged from any part of the country as well as the from the world. The modes of communication will include simple mobile telephony as well as two-way video communications using WhatsApp, Skype and Google Duo.
•    The CoNTeC is also fully integrated with theNational Medical College Network (NMCN) to conduct a full-fledged Video Conference between the 50 Medical Colleges connected through the NMCN with its National Resource Centre located at SGPGI, Lucknow.
•    The facility has been set up in the AIIMS so that the small states should also make use of the vast experience of the Doctors at AIIMS.
•    The easy accessibility of medical experts will avoid the false circulation of symptoms and treatments for Coronavirus which has been widely shared on social media channels.

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