News Excerpt
The Budget Session, 2020 of Parliament which commenced on Friday, 31st January, 2020 has been adjourned sine die on 23rd of March 2020.Many questions were asked by members during the session regarding issues of national and regional importance.

●    The first hour of every parliamentary sitting is slotted for question hour.
●    During this time, the members ask questions and the ministers usually give answers.
●    Unlike Zero hour, it is mentioned in the Rules of Procedure.

Importance of question hour
→    Asking questions is an inherent and unfettered parliamentary right of Members. It is an instrument of parliamentary control over the executive.
→    At the same time, through the questions hour, the Government is able to quickly feel the pulse of the nation and adopt its policies and actions accordingly.
→    Questions enables Ministries to gauge popular reactions to their policies and also brings to notice abuses of authorities and instances of maladministration.

Types of Questions asked
⮚    Starred Questions- A Starred Question is one to which a member desires an oral answer from the Minister in the House and is required to be distinguished by him/her with an asterisk. Answers to such questions may be followed by supplementary questions by members.
⮚    Unstarred Questions- An Unstarred Question is one to which a written answer is desired by the member and is deemed to be laid on the Table of the House by the Minister. Thus, it is not called for oral answer in the House and no supplementary question can be asked thereon.
⮚    Short Notice Questions- A member may give a notice of question on a matter of public importance and of urgent character for oral answer at a notice less than 10 days prescribed as the minimum period of notice for asking a question in ordinary course. Such a question is known as ‘Short Notice Question’.
⮚    Questions to Private Members- A Question may also be addressed to a Private Member (Under Rule 40 of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha), provided that the subject matter of the question relates to some Bill, Resolution or other matter connected with the business of the House for which that Member is responsible. The procedure in regard to such questions is the same as that followed in the case of questions addressed to a Minister with such variations as the Speaker may consider necessary.

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