News Excerpt
Government of India had decided to set up a major port at Vadhavan near Dahanu in Maharashtra with a total cost of ₹65,545 crore. It will be built on the landlord model.

•    Presently, there are 12 major ports in India
o    Deendayal Port (Earlier Known as Kandla Port), Gujarat
o    Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (biggest container port) (JNPT), Maharashtra
o    Mumbai Port
o    Vishakhapatnam Port, Andhra Pradesh
o    Chennai Port, Tamil Nadu
o    Mormugao Port, Goa
o    Kolkata Port, West Bengal
o    Pradip Port, Odisha
o    Tuticorin Port, Tamil Nadu
o    Cochin Port, Kerala
o    Ennore Port, Tamil Nadu
o    Panambur Port, Mangalore, Karnataka
About Vadhavan Port:
    It will be 13th major port of India.
    It will be among the top 10 container ports in the world.
    It will be constructed by formation of a special purpose vehicle with JNPT as the lead partner of 50% equity.
    Majority of the major ports in India work in the hybrid model of port governance.
    Under this model, therefore port trusts carry out terminal operation as well, this leads to a conflict of interest and against the objectivity.
    To boot competition, the component of neutrality is of utmost importance. It helps in assuring the fair competition between port service provider and the terminal operators.

Landlord Model
    In this model, ownership of the port rests with the publicly governed port authority while the operations are handled by private companies.
    In this model, Infrastructure is leased to private firms which provide and maintain their own superstructure.
    Private entities receive share of the revenue from the landlord.
    The role of landlord is limited to the public sector services such as award of bids for cargo terminals and dredging.

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