News Excerpt
Recently, The Department of Science & Technology (DST) has launched a new scheme known as Sophisticated Analytical & Technical Help Institutions (SATHI). It is envisaged as a tool which will aid in building shared, professionally managed, and strong Science & Technology (S&T) infrastructure in the country.

About Scheme
●    Under the scheme dedicated centers will be created which will house major analytical instruments to provide common services of high-end analytical testing.
●    These Centres will follow an open and transparent policy in the matter of granting access for research.
●    DST had so far established three centres viz. IIT Kharagpur, IIT Delhi and Banaras Hindu University.

Benefits of Scheme
⮚    It will help in eliminating the problem of accessibility of quality S&T infrastructure by academia, start-ups, manufacturing, industry and R&D labs etc.
⮚    It will help in reducing the reliance on the foreign resources and machinery
⮚    It will resolve the problem of redundancy and duplication of expensive equipment in the institutions, thereby saving money for maintenance.
⮚    It will boost the practice of collaboration between institutions and across multiple disciplines to take advantage of developments, innovations and expertise in diverse areas.

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