News Excerpt
The Mizoram government is organising Zo Kutpui (festival) in at least 10 states across India and countries such as US, Myanmar and Bangladesh.    

About Zo Kutpui Festival
•    The Zo Kutpui festival is an attempt to unify and strengthen the brotherhood among various Mizo tribes living in different parts of the world.
•    The first edition of the festival will start in Tripura and then move to other states which have significant Mizo population.
•    The festival will witness various cultural programmes by different Mizo tribes, besides performance by various artistes belonging to Zo ethnic tribes of Mizoram and the Northeast.

About Mizo Tribe
    Mizo have settled in the states of Tripura, Assam, Manipur, and Nagaland, as well as in adjacent areas of Myanmar (Burma) and Bangladesh.
    The Mizo are agriculturists. They practice jhum cultivation; slashing of trees and forest, burning the left over to cultivate the land for their livelihood. They are also a hunting and warring tribe.
    Among the most prominent of the Mizo groups are the Lushai (whose name is often mistakenly applied to the entire Mizo community), Pawi (Lai), Lakher (Mara), and Hmar.

ChapcharKut, MimKut, Pawl Kut, ThalfavangKut

Harvest festivals of India
    Makar Sankranti (January)-North India
    Baisakhi (April)-Punjab
    Lohri (January)-Punjab
    Basant Panchami (Jan-feb)-Pan-India
    Bhogali Bihu (January)-Assam
    Wangala (November)-Meghalaya and Assam
    KaPomblangNongkrem(November)-Meghalaya
    Nuakhai(August)-Odisha
    GudiPadwa (March)-Maharashtra)
    Nabanna (November)-West Bengal
    Onam (Aug-Sep)-Kerala
    Pongal (January)-Tamil Nadu
    Ugadi (March)-Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
    Vishu (April)-Karnataka and Kerala
    Agera (October)-Maharashtra
    Dree (July)-Arunachal Pradesh