News Excerpt
Indian Navy Launches 'Operation Vanilla' (to read more on Vanilla Island refer to Current Connect October 2019 Page 61) to Provide Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief at Madagascar. The Island is affected by Cyclone Diane.

•    Indian Navy has deployed its large amphibious ship INS Airavat to provide critical relief material as well assistance and support in the relief operations.
•    India has been the first country to respond to floods in the Madagascar

    Timely assistance provided to Madagascar by India is complementary to Indian policy and vision of “Security and Growth for all in the Region (SAGAR).
    Island is also of significant importance for India’s strategic interest in the region. India is actively involved in the developing strategic and economic partnership with Madagascar, Reunion Islands and Comoros to balance the growing influence of China in the Indian ocean region.
    It will provide great boost to India’s soft power in the larger African region which is of significant importance for India.
    It will provide operational experience to Indian Navy in this part of Indian ocean region which can be utilized later.