News Excerpt
Government of India has commissioned the country’s first Waster-to-Energy plan which is completely owned by it at the present stage. The Plant is based on the patented technology known as Polycrack Technology. This technology converts multiple feedstocks into hydrocarbon liquid fuels, gas, carbon and water

About Polycrack Technology
•    It is based on a heterogeneous catalytic process in which catalyst and the reactants are not present in the same phase i.e. the state of matter, hence one can be liquid while others can be solid.
•    It also uses a Catalytic convertor which is a device that uses a catalyst to convert harmful compounds.
•    It uses waste as a feeder material and produces light diesel oil which can be used to be light furnaces.

    It decimates the requirement of the pre-segregation of the waste, therefore waste can be directly collected from source and fed into the plant.
    Tolerance to moisture eliminates the process of drying of waste after treatment.
    Processing and reformation of waste occur within a period of 24 hours.
    It also eliminates the requirement of biological decomposition as waste is treated as soon as received by the plant.
    There is zero discharge as all the constituents are converted into valuable energy.
    Less operating cost as it reuses the gas generated in the process of the plant in order to provide energy to the system.
    It does not cause atmospheric emissions except for the combustion of gases which have pollutants less than the prescribed norms across the world.