News Excerpt
Recently, Astronomers have noticed a rare event which occurs during the formation of Star. A Star is formed through the funnelling of matter propagated by the rotating disc of gas and dust theory. In the process of formation of a star, a star may swallow a huge amount of matter resulting in a burst of activities in the massive star. This is called an accretion burst event.

Why to understand such events?
•    There is no clear understanding on the formation of massive stars and largely they remained a puzzle.
•    This problem can be attributed primarily to two reasons
o    Location of these stars which is quite far away from the solar system.
o    They form in close proximity to other massive stars and hence their environment cannot be studied.
•    These events, therefore, help in the development and testing of theories to explain the mass gaining ability of massive stars.
•    To make the astronomy community aware of the importance of Maser monitoring. It is also to increase the number of sources monitored, the number of transitions monitored at, and increase cadence of observation.

M2O (Maser Monitoring Organization)
    Formed in 2017 after the first event of Accretion burst in 2016.
    Its purpose is to
o    Create Awareness
o    Increase number sources to observe Accretion Burst
o    Increase cadence of observation

    It is a microwave equivalent of Laser i.e. microwave amplification.
    It is observed using a telescope
    A maser flare is the sign ofan extraordinary event such as the formation of a star.