News Excerpt
Recently, Iran accidentally shot down a Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800. It is being termed as a Human Error and an investigation is being ordered.  

About Black Box
•    It is an electronic recording device placed in an aircraft solely for the purpose of facilitating the investigation of an accident.
•    It has two critical components which are:
o    Flight Data recorder
o    Cockpit Voice Recorder
•    Each recorder has a device fitted to it known as an Underwater Locator Beacon (ULB) which helps in locating them both after an air-crash.It can transmit from a depth as deep as 20,000 feet. But they come with limited battery life (90 days).
•    It stores critical data from the plane’s diagnostic systems as well as conversations between the pilots.

    They help crash investigators find out what happened just before the crash.
    It is the most objective way to determine exactly what was going on in a flight that doesn’t make it way safely to the ground especially in the absence of passengers and crew.

Air crashes are black swan events and airlines are under constant pressure to cut costs. But the spate of recent accidents shows that it certainly doesn’t pay to cut corners on technology and safety equipment.

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